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Attila the Hen

     Attila's is a sad but all too common tale of Easter chicks.  She was bought with three other chicks for a little girl with all the best intentions as a cute Easter gift.  While all chicks are cute and fluffy, they do grow up. And to the untrained eye, it can be hard to sort the boys from the girls.  In Attila's unfortunate series of events, she was the only girl and naturally the smallest of the group.  As if that weren't enough, the parents of the little girl were only able to care for the chickens every other weekend, as her parents ended up going through a messy divorce.


     Fortunately, all it takes is a brave voice to call attention to an unfortunate situation, and the chicken's were brought to safety.  Attila was in very rough shape being the smallest and having to fight over food.  With limited space at the time, the boys were brought to good health and placed in loving homes but Attila's scars ran deep requiring extra care.


She eventually earned the name Attila the Hen but not just because of her now enormous size. After lots of encouragement, she became the fearless leader of all the hens!  


When I first came, I tried my best to hide my wounds with my wings so no one could see.


After lots of love, I realized that I didn't need to hide anymore.


Over time I got stronger, and my new feathers covered my scars.


Now I'm a fancy hen!


But I'm always happy to give up the spot light for this stuff they call watermelon!!!

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