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Blueberry Muffin

Two pot-bellied pigs were locked inside an abandoned camper during the hot month of August in 2019 with no food or ventilation. Their owner had a warrant out for his arrest and was on the run. Thankfully some neighbors got involved and reached out for help. Sadly, one pig had already passed away. The remaining one, a young mixed-breed pig, was terrified and starving. Our farm manager, Terry, was able to lure her to safety with a pack of blueberry muffins.

She began her life at Tilted Tavern slowly learning to trust humans, was spayed and vaccinated, and eventually placed in a large enclosure with plenty of space to explore with her now best friend Chloe. And of course, it was only fitting to name this sweet girl Blueberry Muffin.


bm camper.jpg
bm in camper.jpg

Rescuing from the confines of the hot camper


Taking an afternoon nap with her bestie Chloe

Place food here please!

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