If you own a farm....you'll eventually inherit a feral cat colony.  Meet the five feral cats of Leesburg!  As the severe winter weather began to creep in, we noticed something in the bushes.  To our surprise it was a beautiful tortishell kitty.  Knowing that bad weather was coming that night we cracked our garage door to offer her refuge.  The next morning she was gone but later that night when Robert was going out to get groceries before another winter storm hit, he noticed something was under his car.  Our new tortishell friend brought another calico hoping for shelter.  At that moment we knew that they were desperate to come up so close to the house that Robert's grocery trip turned into a supply run to transform part of our garage into a temporary winter cat shelter.


     Our temporary solution wasn't pretty by any means but they were warm and happy for the night.  The temperatures dropped well into the teens that night, but as the temperature dropped our numbers kept rising.  By the end of the night, we had five feral cats and one feral kitten that were more than happy to share food and shelter.


     Naturally, knowing suckers when they see them, they all hung around for the winter.  We're systematically trapping, spay/ neuter, and releasing them but we're currently making plans to build them an enclosure to keep them safe and healthy for the rest of their lives.  Well...for all except one.  The kitten I spoke of earlier decided that he did not have any interest in going back outside after his surgery and weaseled his way into our home permanently. 

Upkeep for Each Cat Per Year:

*Yearly Veterinary Wellness (unfortunately this does include mild sedation and trapping of some in addition to vaccines, deworming, ect.).....$40

*Spaying/ Neutering (covered by Dr. Jones and Paws Animal Wellness Center).....$0

*Monthly flea/ tick/ heartworm prevention.....$180

*Food (dry and wet)/ Treats.....$100

Total..... ~$320/cat/year 

Currently at 5 cats..... $~1,600/ year

(these numbers are based off of estimated care cost and will be subject to change as their needs or prices do. We are very open about all cost and care details, so if you would like specifics please contact us)

If you would like to sponsor the cats or help with any of their upkeep please click on the sponsor link above

The Feral Cats 

of Leesburg

First there was one...
And one became two...
And two became three...
But apparently cats can't count and we jumped to five!
It might not be pretty but it was the best we could do on short notice
With your help we can build a better and safer home!
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