As fate would have it, Daisy simply wasn’t the best production cow. After having a difficult birth the year before and accidentally getting pregnant again, the pressure would lead to prolapse issues that would’ve spelled her doom on a normal farm. Luckily, she found her way to Tilted Tavern, close to giving birth and already having trouble. We waited…And we waited for her to go into labor. Nothing happened. We could tell this wasn’t going to be a normal pregnancy. Boy were we right!


     One night at around 8pm we noticed that things were starting to happen. Usually, this would only take a little bit of time and a calf would be born. Unfortunately, with her abnormalities things weren’t progressing as they should and in the wee hours of the morning the calf became stuck. Luckily with a vet on hand we intervened.  With all of our might we wiggled, adjusted, and pried. Finally, as we waited for further emergency assistance to arrive, the calf was free but the whole ordeal took its toll on both mother and baby. Daisy was completely drained and on her side as we tried to keep her calf, with clear abnormalities, alive.  He was immediately transferred to the hospital while mom slowly but surely recovered at home.  


     Unfortunately, the dozens of blankets stimulating blood-flow, IV catheters, feeding tube, and 24-hr hospitalization couldn’t get the baby to stand on his own and unfortunately he passed away. While it's always extremely sad when you lose any life, we are still so thankful that through our efforts and taking on such a difficult case, that Daisy survived.  Now, she is fully recovered and living a free life at the Sanctuary. She will never have to go through such a traumatic experience again. She has made many new friends but especially loves the treats and bouncing around in the fields. Simply put, she has been through enough and deserves to be free!


Daisy's Upkeep Per Year:

*Yearly Veterinary Wellness Exam (unfortunately I don't have the equipment for large cattle so this may be done by another veterinary practice and includes physical exam, vaccines, deworming, ect.).....$75

*Summer Fly Control.....$25

*Feed/Treats/Mineral Blocks ect.....$150

*Quality Hay.....$150

Total..... ~$400/ year

(these numbers are based off of last year's care cost and will be subject to change as her needs or prices do. We are very open about all cost and care details, so if you would like specifics please contact us)

If you would like to sponsor Daisy or help with any of her upkeep please click on the sponsor link above

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