Building A Future... starts NOW!

     Together, we can build a brighter future for animals in need. It all starts with your help!  We have the love, we have the desire, we have the knowledge, and we have the space. We simply need the resources to continue the dream.  Below we have a few featured projected projects that can happen with your help.  If you can help in anyway, even if it's as simple as spreading the word, all of us at Tilted Tavern greatly appreciate it.  While we continue to work out the details, please use the Contact page for more information and the Wanna Help page for guidance on how to contribute. 

Regardless of your involvement, from all of us at Tilted Tavern...thanks for visiting!

CLUCKSVILLE (Est. Cost ~$5,000 - $10,000)

We're currently expanding our clucking crew!  To accommodate our future feathered friends, we're currently transforming stall in the barn into a layover area (pun intended) for recovery and treatment upon arrival as well as long term predator proof luxury housing for them once they're healthy.  The village will include multiple pods (so that everyone is placed in cohesive flocks) that will include a coop, covered and enclosed outdoor area, as well as a free range fenced in yard. 

CATOPIA (Est. Cost ~$20,000)

The feral cat colony of Leesburg is looking for a safe enclosure to call home away from cars, coyotes, and all the other dangers that life has to offer...As well as a home away from all the wildlife they impact!  Our hope is to provide them with enough land to allow them to continue to feel free whilst also shielding them from danger.  We plan to accomplish this by enclosing the land they currently occupy while also providing several kitty condos that will be equip for year round comfort.  Definitely a step up from our garage!

HOG HOLLER (Est. Cost ~$5,000)

All the dirty details coming soon! One thing is for sure, we have a great mud pit ready for a swiney splashdown!

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