Dobby is one lucky guy! Prior to Tilted Tavern becoming a sanctuary, Dobby was one of the cows roaming the pastures. One late winter day, Dr. Brooke was let off work early due to some scheduled renovations at work. She arrived home around 4:00 and decided to take advantage of the early day, which never happens in veterinary medicine, and go on a walk around the farm with Robert. That’s when they saw him. Down on his side with his head fully extended back.  It appeared that the cutest Brown-Swiss calf, one they had already taken a great liking to, was dead.


     Brooke and Robert ran toward him. With a blink of his eyes, to their excitement he was still alive! She quickly diagnosed bloat and sent Robert running toward the house for “something sharp” to decompress his stomach. Robert ran as fast as he could for Brooke’s emergency medical bag where he found a large gauge catheter. Back with Dobby, the two rolled the 500-plus pound calf to his other side and she placed the needle in. Immediately, with a rush of air through the needle’s hub and his bloat deflating, Dobby began to improve.  Within a few moments, he was back on his feet.  A little rattled from the ordeal but alive!  


     So, what were the conditions for saving this calf’s life? Well simple… The way we saw it, if we weren’t there to save him at that exact moment then he would’ve died…so, by right, he belonged with us. After some lengthy debate we negotiated his release to become, Dobby the first rescued cow at Tilted Tavern Animal Sanctuary. From certain death to a life full of treats and love.


Dobby's Upkeep Per Year:

*Yearly Veterinary Wellness Exam (unfortunately I don't have the equipment for large cattle so this may be done by another veterinary practice and includes physical exam, vaccines, deworming, ect.).....$75

*Summer Fly Control.....$25

*Feed/Treats/Mineral Blocks ect.....$150

*Quality Hay.....$150

Total..... ~$400/ year

(these numbers are based off of last year's care cost and will be subject to change as his needs or prices do. We are very open about all cost and care details, so if you would like specifics please contact us)

If you would like to sponsor Dobby or help with any of his upkeep please click on the sponsor link above

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