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Chicken of the Night


Since I have trouble preening, I take it upon myself to take frequent dips in the bath


I clean up really nicely!


I love berries but nobody better get in my way when they bring sushi home!


One thing is certainly true...grey tilted chicken = grey/blue tilted eggs!

No that's not your eyes playing tricks on you...what we have here is a crooked chicken!  Ms. Elvira is our little hot mess! Elvira story gets a bit foggy as she has been passed around a bit but what we do know is that at a very young age her tail and pelvis were broken and healed wrong leaving her with her tilted appearance.  Over all it does seem to affect her balance a bit, causes her preening gland to not always work the best, and causes her to make the most uniquely shaped beautiful blue eggs. But don't let this crooked chicken fool you...she is packed full of spunk and love.


Elvira's Upkeep Per Year:

(exact figures coming soon!)

*All chicken's are closely monitored by Dr. Jones and receive regular physical exams, body condition monitoring, fecal exams, deworming, ect.....$0

*Chicken Feed.....$50

*Coop Bedding.....$35

*Treats and Enclosure Enrichment.....$75

Total..... ~$160/ year

(these numbers are based off of last year's care cost and will be subject to change as her needs or prices do. We are very open about all cost and care details, so if you would like specifics please contact us)

If you would like to sponsor Elvira or help with any of her upkeep please click on the sponsor link above

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