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Two days later, we received a request to help an abandoned Pekin duck. A concerned citizen reached out after discovering this young duck abandoned along the Watauga River in Elizabethton, Tennessee. They found a package of blueberries nearby where the duck was originally found. 

"Duck dumping" happens all too frequently. Domestic ducks may not survive on their own when abandoned due to predation, territoral issues with wild waterfowl, and the inability to find enough food through the winter. 

Ethel was placed in the same enclosure with this young duck. And in a short time, they bonded! And thanks to their first sponsor Brittany and Grace Hotelling, this Pekin duck now has a name ...Quacks.

Ethel the Duck came to us on May 29th, 2020. She, along with two other ducks, were attacked by a wild or possibly a domestic predator. Ethel was the lucky one surviving the attacks. But her beak was fractured, and she is currently missing a portion of her upper and lower beak. She has a long recovery ahead of her. For now, we are monitoring her ability to eat on her own as she adapts to her new forever home.

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Ethel is quite vocal and friendly despite the trauma she encumbered. 

Ethel's Sponsors

Jessica Smith

Nancy Zirkle

Quacks' Sponsors

Grace and Brittany Hotelling

New friends!

pekin and ethel in new enclosure.jpg

Robert introducing himself to Ethel.

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