On the Farm...

     The Tavern rests on 50-acres of beautiful Tennessee farm land.  Its green pastures, rolling hills, shaded woods, and flourishing creek are currently in the process of being transformed into the ideal place for sanctuary living.  It’s being meticulously sectioned out into areas specifically tailored to each of its resident’s needs.   

     It is currently equipped with a large pole barn, 3 walk-in sheds for shelter, a historic smokehouse which now acts as a chicken roost/ luxury dust bath, and a large chicken coop. The sanctuary also has access to an array of farm equipment to meet the basic needs of the operation to keep us self sufficient in the hay department…. Which is very important because our residents take their hay very seriously!

     The farm is a picturesque sanctuary setting with everything our current residents need, however as with all animal sanctuaries, needs are constantly changing.  This is why we need help.  We have many plans of expansion for or current and future rescues.  Please keep an eye out for our future additions which will be featured on the Building A Future page.  

  Here are some pictures featuring the beauty of the farm and some of the building process...as you can see, our residents are involved in every aspect of the farm including construction approval.  Dobby and Violet are always first to give there opinion, especially on napping locations, while Wall-e (our rescued beagle/ self proclaimed farm monitor) is always keeping an eye out.