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Meet Jack our handsome Bourbon Red turkey. Jack came from the same owners of Randy and Ralphie. Jack was paired with another turkey and chickens. Unfortunately, they were attacked by an unknown predator. Jack was not harmed.


When he came to Tilted Tavern to his new and forever home, his feathers were not in the best condition. Despite his scraggly appearance, it was love at first site for the volunteers and staff. With some time and TLC, Jack has become quite handsome.  Jack has his favorites at Tilted Tavern as he struts around for certain volunteers and staff.


Jack and one of his many avian roommates! 

jack the turkey.jpg

Jack's first day at Tilted Tavern.


Hanging out with his buddy Morgan. Morgan volunteers, when not in school, spending time with our social rescues. 


Jack strutting around his enclosure!

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