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Enjoying some pool time


Left: Tim's feet Right: Scrooge's feet


Scrooge McDuck and Tiny Tim


Scrooge McDuck - Pekin Duck

Scrooge was found with fishing line wrapped around his right foot. Sadly, the injury was chronic including a significant tear in the webbing of his right foot. Yet Scrooge is one of the lucky ones. Often injuries with fishing line, that is not properly discarded, are fatal or result in irreparable trauma for both domestic and wild animals. 


Tiny Tim - Indian Runner

Tiny Tim had a similar injury of his left foot. While we will never know their complete history, we imagine that his injury is due to either fishing line or possibly from another animal. Both Scrooge and Tim were rescued together and transported to Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital located in Kingsport, Tennessee.

These two were clearly a package deal. Now they are living out their quacktastic lives at Tilted Tavern with their feathered buddies. 

This ducky duo is looking for sponsors! 

Leading the pack

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