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Meet the Brassy Brahmas and Marvelous Maran!

In the fall of 2019, Washington County Animal Control brought six Brahmas and a Maran to Tilted Tavern. The owner of these hens was charged with animal cruelty regarding multiple animals. The hens initially were quarantined while we waited for a final verdict in their case. Exams showed missing digits (toes), emaciation, and poor feather condition. With some time, socialization, and a proper diet, these ladies started to flourish. They were moved from their quarantine area to a our new pond enclosure that houses some of our waterfowl and our turkey. They also have access to our barn and stalls. These girls have adapted so quickly and are quite comfortable around humans now.  So we were delighted when we were given the official okay to provide these hardy hens a forever home! 

They each have a leg band to distinguish who is who. But here's the thing. They still needs names! So we are going to give the first seven sponsors the naming rights for one of the seven hens. As of May 2020, they don't have any sponsors. You could be one of the first and name one of these charming chicks! 


amelia egghart.jpg

Amelia Egghart


Henny Penny

hennifer lopez.jpg

Hennifer Lopez

henny penny.jpg



Ethel Beavers



henny penny.jpg


Upkeep Per Year Per Hen:

*All chickens are closely monitored by Dr. Brooke Jones and receive regular physical exams, body condition monitoring, fecal exams, deworming, etc.....$0 add price for dewormer 

*Chicken Feed.....$50 change to reflect 

*Coop Bedding.....$312.00

*Treats and Enclosure Enrichment.....$under valued add mealworms, fruits veggies, enrichment equipment, hours of work? 

Total..... ~$160/ year

Total for all birds per year

If you would like to sponsor Elvira or help with any of her upkeep please click on the sponsor link above

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