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Me with my buddy Violet in 2018. We love finding new toys at the sanctuary.


I love snow days! 


And I love my namesake, Dobby the house elf. Everyone tells me my ears are my best feature.



On a rare day off, Dr. Brooke Jones joined Robert for a leisure afternoon in the outdoors. That's when they stumbled upon a calf thought to be dead at a nearby farm. To their surprise, the calf was alive but in severe distress due to bloat. So Dr. Jones and Robert quickly jumped into action.


Having just a few minutes to act, she sent Robert sprinting to find a sharp object to decompress the calf’s stomach. With a tool in hand, Dr. Jones decompressed the calf’s stomach and the two rotated him to an upright position.  This adorable and lucky Brown Swiss was saved.


But their fight for this calf's life could not end there! When talking with the farmer, Dr. Jones established the cost for her service. Turning this young Brown Swiss over to Dr. Jones was the price for her saving his life. He simply belonged in a sanctuary to live out his days peacefully. With big ears and a sweet disposition, Dobby was the name given to the little calf. He will live out the rest of his life with his buddy Violet and our other 17 rescued cows.



Me and my buddy Violet in 2020.


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