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Ready for his TLC session!


Exploring his new digs.



On the loose in Washington County, Tennessee, this young, male pig was picked up by Washington County, Tennessee Animal Shelter before making his way to Tilted Tavern. The owner was eventually found, and he released him over to the shelter. As of now, he is facing animal cruelty charges. 

Seeing how affectionate this sweet pig is after spending time with our amazing volunteers is so rewarding. He would sit with you for hours as long as you provide endless belly rubs! He is now in one of our large enclosure with Jimmy the pig, our sheep, and six of our goats.

We hosted a Facebook fundraiser and randomly selected a donor to give our sweet boy a name. Thanks to our constant supporter, Samantha Markus of California, for coming up with such a fitting name. Samantha chose "Bortus" after a character from the contemporary show Orville that despite having a troubled past has hope for a better future. 


We do not know exactly what Bortus experienced on a day to day basis. But we do know he now has a forever home with an endless supply of TLC at Tilted Tavern.


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