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Meet the Classy Cluckers!


Our "Classy Cluckers" include twelve hens that occupy one of our large enclosures along with two of our rescued pet pigs. We have Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, a Plymouth Rock, and a Seabright! All were rescued from abuse or neglect. Click on the picture above to meet each one!


Meet the Brassy Brahmas and Marvelous Maran!


 Meet the seven lovely ladies that occupy our newest pond enclosure along with some of our waterfowl. Click on the picture above to learn all about their story! 


In Memory of Our Beloved Hens


One of the most difficult parts of rescuing abused and neglected animals and providing them a forever home is knowing that they will only grace your lives for a limited time...certainly never as long as we desire. This page is dedicated to the hens that have touched our lives and live on in memory! Click on the picture above to read their stories.


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