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chloe solo.jpg


      Chloe's owners could no longer care for her due to financial hardship in addition to the fact that she kept escaping from her enclosure. The neighbors kept threatening to harm her if she continued to escape. Chloe will now spend the rest of her life with us and her new best friend Blueberry Muffin the pig. We adore Chloe and her easy-going, affectionate demeanor.

Chloe is one of our snout artists that paints various canvases using safe, non-toxic paint and materials. Her work and that of our other artists have helped us to raise much needed funds for her spay and medical.



Don't I have the prettiest snout?

chloe mud.jpg

Gettin dirty and rootin the day away!

chloe paint.jpg

Our famous snout artist is ready to paint her canvas.


Hangin with my bestie Blueberry Muffin in 2020

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