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When I first came I was very skinny but the grass here is oh so yummy!

My eyes were in rough shape when I came to Tilted Tavern.


But after some time in the hospital, I'm all better now!


Ru and Remy

     At the time we were searching for a trail horse and a companion for our horse Remy, Ru stumbled into our hearts.  After seeing many images and videos of this beautiful and sweet well-seasoned trail horse, we had to meet him!  Upon arrival, we were speechless at his condition.  He was extremely underweight, lame, and had horriffic infections in both eyes.  The previous owners said they had been out of town on trail rides for several weeks while he was out at pasture. And they didn't know how he ended up that way.  They offered to have their veterinarian treat him, and we could come back once he was better. But there was no way we were leaving him there.

     After nearly a month of hospitalization, Ru joined Remy.  The two have been inseparable ever since!  Remy is taking care of the emotional  scars while we handle the physical ones.  Ru will always have lameness issues, scarring from TWH soring, and chronic eye infections that have to be closely monitored and treated. Yet to us, he is perfect!   

Ru's Upkeep Per Year:

*Yearly Veterinary Wellness Exam (unfortunately, I don't have the equipment for horses so this is done by another veterinary practice and includes exam, vaccines, bloodwork, teeth floating, ect.).....$250

*Maintenance Medications for Allergies and Eye Care Flare ups.....$230

*Farrier Hoof Care (~every 8 weeks).....$800

*Grain & Treats.....$300

*Joint & Weight Supplements.....$720

Total..... ~$2,300/ year

These numbers are based off of the costs of his first year at TTAS and will be subject to change as his needs or prices do. 

My best friend, Remy, and partner in crime!

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