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Snout Art and Auctions

Thanks to Peggy Canter for bringing Snout art to the sanctuary. Our rescued pigs create various pieces of art as enrichment which raises funds for food, medical costs, and any current projects. Paintings are available depending on supplies and only when the artists are feeling inspired. We offer these paintings on our website store for limited times during the year in addition to our social media auctions. We host the Sunday Snout Auctions on various Sundays throughout the year.


We use nontoxic, washable paint and present the snout artist with four choices of color typically. The piggy painter chooses between those colors and how they will be applied to the canvas.

We use a variety of paint colors including primary, neon, metallic, pastel, and fall colors Our canvases range from a 5 by 5 square to a 14 by 18 rectangle. We also use heart, star, circle, and flower shaped canvases. 

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