Snout Art and Auctions

One of us was bring more cooperative than the other! But we are excited about Sunday Snouts our Snout Art Auction! This time YOU get a personalized painting. And we throw in a Tilted Tavern T-shirt and decal. Our auction starts now and ends at 8 pm eastern time tomorrow. If we have a tie at the end, we will provide further instructions.

Artist: Your choice of Bortus, Jimmy, or Pee wee

Size: You can choose between canvases 5 by 5 square, 5 by 7 rectangle, 6 by 6 square, heart, flower, or star, or an 8 by 10 rectangle.

Colors: You choose four colors. We have primary colors, neons, and pastels.


No starting bid.
Bids will be in increments of $1
Comment your bid below
Only comments on this post will count.

Goal: Our new pond desperately needs help. It will cost us at least $5000 for landscaping, aquatic plants, and a fountain if possible. So we will be raising money for the next few months hoping we can have this achieved by August.

Payment can be made via PayPal or check.
Much thanks to our awesome volunteer, Peggy, for not only bringing this idea to us but for working with our rescues to create this paintings as a fun way to generate donations to care for our rescues!

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