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The Gaggle


In June of 2020, five domestic geese from Kingsport, Tennessee made their way to Tilted Tavern to settle in their new but forever home! Three Toulouse geese and two Embden geese could no longer be cared for by their original owners due to health issues.

Typically we only take in farmed animals that were abused, neglected, and abandoned. But we knew we could provide these geese with a happy home. They have fit in quite well.


These geese are entertaining and so friendly. They greet us by running at full speed while flapping their wings and vocalizing as loud as possible to make sure they get their share of the treats! 

new geese five.jpg
new geese two amy.jpg

Taking in these geese expedites the need to improve our new pond. And we also have plans to build a much needed, third waterfowl enclosure. Please consider donating or sponsoring these geese to help us accomplish this! 


The Gaggle's Sponsors

Jennifer Hasty

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