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The Feral Cats 

of Leesburg

     If you own a'll eventually inherit a feral cat colony.  Meet the five feral cats of Leesburg!  As the severe winter weather began to creep in, we noticed something in the bushes.  To our surprise it was a beautiful tortiseshell kitty.  We cracked open our garage door to offer her refuge during the storm.  The next morning she was gone. Later that night before Robert made a grocery run prepping for yet another winter storm, he noticed something under his car.  Our new tortiseshell friend brought a calico hoping for shelter.  Robert's grocery trip turned into a supply run to transform our garage into a temporary winter cat shelter.


   The temperature continued to drop into the teens while the number of feral cats continued to rise. By the end of the night, we had five feral cats and one feral kitten that were more than happy to share food and a warm shelter. Our temporary shelter continued through the winter as we were able to spay, neuter, and vaccinate each and everyone. 

No longer confined to the garage, the five feral cats are residing in their own catopia. JJ, Skitz, Tortilla, Cream Puff, and Obie share a large storage building designed for their needs with two lofts and plenty of space. They also have access to an enclosed fenced in area. This keeps them safe and protected from harm while protecting wildlife from becoming prey to free roaming cats. And that feral kitten...Well, he is no longer feral. Boogie winks lives indoors with our other indoor cats, canines, and humans. 




Upkeep for Each Cat Per Year:

*Yearly Veterinary Wellness (unfortunately this does include mild sedation and trapping of some in addition to vaccines, deworming, ect.).....$40

*Spaying/ Neutering (covered by Dr. Jones and Paws Animal Wellness Center).....$0

*Monthly flea/ tick/ heartworm prevention.....$180

*Food (dry and wet)/ Treats.....$100

Total..... ~$320/cat/year 

Currently at 5 cats..... $~1,600/ year

(these numbers are based off of estimated care cost and will be subject to change as their needs or prices do. We are very open about all cost and care details, so if you would like specifics please contact us)

If you would like to sponsor the cats or help with any of their upkeep please click on the sponsor link below.

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