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Wounds are starting to heal!

This is Violet, my adoptive mom, and Lavender my older sister.


I wasn't doing very well on a bottle, but Lavender  didn't mind sharing.



     Bugzee was attacked by a pack of coyotes at only a few days old.  His mom was able to fight them off, but the damage had already been done.  Bugzee sustained severe wounds to the majority of his back. The wounds were not receiving the intensive care needed, maggots were taking over, and Bugzee's outlook was grim. So his owner released Bugzee over to our care.

It took months of long hours treating his wounds, but now you'd never know the rough start this sweet little calf had.  We give a lot of credit to Bugzee's miraculous recovery to our sweet pet dairy cow Violet. After just having her first baby herself (Lavender), she adopted Bugzee as her own.  She is responsible for giving him the amazing nutrition and motherly love that he needed to make a full recovery.  Without a care in the world, now his biggest concern in life is keeping up with his big sister Lavender. 

New hair



And I just kept getting better and better!


Bugzee's Upkeep Per Year:

*Yearly Veterinary Wellness Exam (unfortunately I don't have the equipment for large cattle so this may be done by another veterinary practice and includes physical exam, vaccines, deworming, ect.).....$75

*Summer Fly Control.....$25

*Feed/Treats/Mineral Blocks ect.....$150

*Quality Hay.....$150

Total..... ~$400/ year

(these numbers are based off of last year's care cost and will be subject to change as his needs or prices do.

Check out me and Lavender now!

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