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laffy taffy face.jpg

Laffy Taffy

    At just ten days old, Laffy Taffy was sold at an auction for just 22 dollars. Why only $22? He was severely injured with trauma of his right ear and no use of his left, rear leg. The story was that he was stepped on by his mother. But based on the severity of his injuries, it was obvious that there more to the story. Some kind people purchased him in hopes of saving him.


Two weeks later they found us and brought him to Tilted Tavern on January 26th.  Upon receiving the goat, we knew he immediately needed medical attention and drove him to University of Tennessee's Veterinary Teaching Hospital the same day. Laffy Taffy had his left, rear leg amputated the following Monday. 


He is now recovering at home. We will post updates as his journey continues. You can welcome Laffy Taffy to our Tilted Tavern family by sponsoring this cutie to help cover his surgery and medical treatments. 


laffy taffy pre op with students 2.jpg
Veterinary students examinging Laffy taffy before surgery
laffy upclose feeding.jpg
Growing up so quickly!
robert and andi feeding laffy taffy.jpg
Andilina prepping Laffy Taffy for transport
laffy taffy leg.jpg
Laffy Taffy's left rear leg injury
laffy taffy post op 2 standing.jpg
Laffy Taffy recovering after his amputation
skittles and lt.jpg
Hangin with my buddy, Skittles!
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